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Why should I associate two orders?

Jun 04.2021, 10:17:34

In PCBgogo, the PCB service and SMT service will form two different order types. As a result, you should remember to place PCB & SMT orders when selecting PCBA service. Combine them to acknowledge the production relationship between PCB & SMT when you place orders.

You can combine two orders by:

Method 1:

Get PCB & SMT prices simultaneously in " PCB Fabrication Quote " and " PCB Assembly " pages and submit them to the shopping cart.

Method 2:

Contact your sales representative to combine these two orders. 

__________________________________________________________________     END   _________________________________________________________________


●  Our staff will offer the quotation of components in 1-2 working days generally. Because of the offer of SMT components quotes on your

    BOM file data, if you want to get the SMT assembly quotation quicker, we recommend following the requirement of our BOM file template.

●  Please remeber to link your PCB order & SMT order together before your complete to pay. It can solve your freight fee.

●  To know PCBA capabilities.

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