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Rigid-Flex PCB Capabilities

Rigid-Flex PCB Capabilities

As the name implies, rigid-flex printed circuit boards(PCBs) are the composite boards of rigid boards and flexible boards. Most rigid-flex circuits are multi-layered. A rigid-flex PCB can include one/several flex boards and rigid boards, which are connected through internally/externally plated-through holes. 


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Check the manufacturing capabilities of the rigid-flex PCB from PCBGOGO. 

No.Item Process Capability Parameter 

PCB Type                

Rigid-flex PCB                

2            Quality Grade            Standard IPC 2            
3            Layer Count            2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers            
4            Material            Polyimide Flex+FR4            
5            Board Thickness            0.4~3.2mm            
6            Min Tracing/Spacing            ≥4mil            
7            Min. Hole Size            ≥0.15mm            
10            Surface Finish            Immersion Gold (ENIG), OSP, Immersion Silver            
11            Special Specification            Half-cut/Castellated Holes, Impendence Control, Layer Stackup            

Flexible Part of the Rigid-Flex PCB 

No.            Item            Process  Capability Parameter             

Layer Count                

1 Layer, 2 Layers, 4 Layers                

2            FPC Thickness            0.13mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm            
3            Coverlay            Yellow, White, Black, None            
4            Silkscreen            White, Black, None            
5            Finished Copper            0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz            


For other parameters of the flexible part, please refer to Flexible PCB Manufacturing capabilities.    



Rigid Part of the Rigid-Flex PCB

No.   Item            Process  Capability Parameter             


Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Purple, Matte Green, Matte Black, None                

2            Silkscreen            White, Black, None            
3            Finished Copper            1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz            

For other parameters of the rigid part, please refer to standard PCB manufacturing capabilities.

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