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Flexible PCB Capabilities

Flexible PCB Capabilities

A flexible PCB is a patterned arrangement of printed circuit and components that makes use of flexible base material with or without flexible cover layer. The flexible electronic assemblies can be fabricated with the same components as the rigid printed circuit board, however, allowing the board to meet the demands of necessary shapes during its applications.


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No.Item            Process  Capability Parameter            

PCB Type                

Flexible PCB                

2            Quality Grade            Standard IPC 2            
3            Material            PI, PET            
4            Number of Layers            1 Layer, 2 Layers, 4 Layers, 6 Layers, 8 Layers            
5            Max PCB Size            

1 Layer: 4000mm*240mm                

2 Layers: 800mm*240mm                

Multi-layers: 350mm*240mm                


Board Size Tolerance                


7            FPC Thickness            0.08~0.4mm+            
8            TPC Thickness Tolerance            

FPC Thickness≤0.3mm: ±0.03mm                

FPC Thickness>0.3mm: ±10%~15%                

9            Types of Copper Foil            Rolled Copper Foil/Electrode Posited Copper            
10            Copper Thickness            0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz            
11            Min Tracing/Spacing            ≥2mil            
12            Grid line Tracing/Spacing            ≥0.1mm            
13            Soldering Pad Diameter            ≥0.3mm            
14            Quality Grade            Standard IPC 2            
15            Lead Time            5-7 days            
16            Coverlay            Yellow, White, Black, None            
17            Coverlay Opening Size            ≥0.6mm*0.6mm            
18            Min Spacing Colverlay to Soldering Pad            ≥0.15mm            
19            Soldermask Color            Green and others            
20            Soldermask Bridge            

Green: ≥0.1mm                

Others: ≥0.15mm                


Min Width of Soldermask and Soldering                


Green: ≥0.08mm                

Others: ≥0.2mm                

22            Silkscreen            White, Black, None            
23            Minimum Character Width (Legend)            ≥0.8mm            

Minimum Character Height (Legend)                


Min Spacing from Silkscreen to Soldering                


26            Surface Finish            

ENIG, OSP, Immersion Tin, Chemical Silver                

27            Impedance Control            Single-ended 50Ω, Differential Pairs100Ω, Tolerance ±10%            
28            Stiffener Material            PI, FR-4, Aluminum, Steel, Copper            
29            Stiffener Thickness            0.1~0.5mm            
30            Edge Rail Width            ≥10mm            
31            Other Options            3M Tape, EMI Shielding Film            
32            Certification            ISO9001, RoHS            

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In more and more working conditions, flexible PCBs are beginning to replace rigid circuit boards due to their versatility thanks to its preferable advantages, such as: flexibility, connectivity, reduced weight, durability, resistant, etc. Its applications include three-dimensional packaging geometry, shock and vibration resistance, durable thin and lightweight products, wiring solutions that where rigid PCB cannot, and miniaturized versions of existing technologies, etc. If you are majoring in the above areas and looking for Flexible PCB for your project, feel free to contact PCBGOGO: service@pcbgogo.com

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