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How to re-order an order that has already been produced ?

Jun 04.2021, 10:44:37

If you need to replace an order the same as your previous one in PCBgogo, you can select that order in your history record for reordering. The detailed process is as follows.


Sign in to your account and enter the “ Order History -> Delivery/Completed ” page.


Find out the order you want to replace. Click “Re-order”, a pop-up window would appear.


Fill in the “Quantity” blank and click “ Submit ”, your order is replaced successfully. 


  ●  After re-placing your order, a new order would appear in your shopping cart with the same fabrication file and manufacturing  

      technique as the previous one.

  ●  As the manufacturing technique in PCBgogo is updating, there might be some price changes for the new order based on the new  

      pricing rules as well as the different quantities ordered.  

  ●  Please be noted that the fabrication file for the re-placed order must be the same as your previous one. If you need to submit the  

      new file, it will be regarded as a brand new order.   

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