Jul 09.2020, 15:22:25

Make a Simple Ventilator - 1st part, the Ventilator Controller

In responding to the current world situation, cq. facing Covid-19 Pandemic so we try to design and to make devices to help people, so we herewith design the Simple Ventilator System (SVS ) that mainly using Ambu bag. Hopefully this system can help people respiratory and this system can be made semi open system, open an option to be sell as a complete kit. This Ventilator System contains 2 Electronic Circuit Boards, the Ventilator Controller & the Ventilator CPU. Herewith in this first section we describe the Ventilator Controller which is based on Arduino's L293D Motor Driver Shield that be modified & be added for the HMI (Human Machine Interface) as follows: 1. As 2 pins for I2C protocol are needed, so modify connection pin D13 (suppose for I2C SCL) to pin D1 of Arduino board, but for connecting the 2 I2C ICs (the PCF8574 I/O Expander & the PCF8563T RTC IC) by cables to J20 port for SCL (D13), SDA (D12) & GND pin connection. 2. The PCF8574 I/O Expander will...

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Jun 26.2020, 21:41:42

Excelente servicio

Un miércoles por la tarde en Argentina compartí mis archivos gerber para verificar si mi dise?o PCB podría ser realizado. Ese mismo día por la noche PCBGOGO me confirmó que se encontraba listo para producir. Como me quedaban algunas dudas, me comuniqué por Skype con Danny, quien muy amablemente me guió en todas las consultas que le hice. Finalizadas las consultas, aboné lo necesario y automáticamente comenzó el proceso de producción. Hoy es viernes y mi pedido ya se encuentra en camino a casa. ?Muy recomendable! Excelente servicio.

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Jun 08.2020, 17:27:57

Very good PCB Manufacturer - fast production and shipping

An attempt to implement an idea as a project turned into a more complex layout. It was necessary to have this PCB manufactured by a professional manufacturer. Even a small quantity of only 5 pieces can be ordered, which are manufactured in the same quality as large quantities. Everything was manufactured as expected and promised, and the delivery was in time. I recommend this company to anyone who needs a PCB quickly and inexpensively. The turnaround time is so fast that there is no need to consider making any PCBs yourself. I will use this service again, thank yu very much for this great job !!

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May 23.2020, 21:04:57

Prototype Friendly Service

With known specifications, you can work out the cost of obtaining small quantities of small boards in advance. The size limitations are not too restrictive for the majority of small projects and the quality of the boards is as good as that of the big players.The speed of production is even better than most of the other PCB houses, without any additional fees. You are offered a big choice of shipping options, complete with pricing, to help you total up your cost.The only drawback is the fact that pricing is quoted dollars, without explicitly stating that the prices and fees are in “US Dollars”. This can surprise customers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, to name a few.The promotion currently offered is what enticed me to try PCBGOGO with three boards in one order. It took a few back and forth E-mails to sort out what Gerber files should be uploaded to their server, but once sorted the order went smoothly and arrived in a timely manner, considering the world-wide pandem...

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Apr 15.2020, 17:10:11

Fast and quality PCB fabrication

For my small DIY home project I decided to try professional company to build my PCB, even I would be able to make it home by myself. During ordering I could choose a lot of parameters like board thickness, finish material, color and many other. And instantly saw expected price, that was awesome.After order I was able to see production status and progress. The PCB was created very fast.The quality of PCB was very good, all pads were very well defined, solder mask and vias were not damaged, silkscreen readable. Hand soldering was without any problems.Power up the PBA without any hidden problems of PCB.I can say that I will order another more complex PCB next time again at this company.

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Mar 23.2020, 16:28:56

Best PCBA service

Hi all,I used two times the PCBA service with no problems at all, boards with medium density, FPGA BGA component and SMD components with size down to 0402. The joins are clear and perfect. Moreover the price is excellent also for small number of boards and has no competitor; for me the most important thing is the very good communication and support, fast answers and a team always ready to get rid of problems. I will use soon again this service and suggest to use it, really professional at low price.

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Mar 05.2020, 23:33:43

Excellent option for prototype PCBs

I used PCBgogo for the fitrst time, for a prototype PCB. The delivery time was very short. I liked the quality of the product. The price is unbelievably low. Even shippoing costs, are very reasonable. I plan to use further their services, for production batches, and assembly services. Hope they are as good, as for the prototyping service.

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Feb 07.2020, 08:28:59

Turnkey is is increasingly becoming a preferred method for many project managers

Dealing with a company that can see a product from it’s conceptual phases in PCB layout, to PCB Prototype fabrication, and then manufacturing and assembly of the final product in one-stop has benefits that cannot be overstated.For example; when the departments and people involved in these various phases are in a relatively close proximity, and are familiar with each other’s work-flow and protocols, naturally it results in a high-quality fast and on-time delivery PCB product with fewer set-backs or delays. Also, not unexpectedly as a result; a one-stop facility is better advantaged to offer a good price-point, with less potential for cost overages.Turnkey is is increasingly becoming a preferred method for many project managers, it is not hard to imagine why they view it not as taking the easy way out, rather, all things consider unless there are exceedingly unusual requirements it is simply the wisest and most cost-effective approach.Knowledge of EAD software such as Allegro, POWER PCB,...

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Feb 03.2020, 23:44:51

PCBGOGO.....Easy and high quality solution

it is the third order I carry out. the first two were perfect. even without having in-depth knowledge I managed to complete the pcb. thanks.

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Jan 23.2020, 06:51:26

Aircraft Magneto Synchronizer Light and Buzzer. Magneto / Ignition Timing Light

Hello SirI received PCBs 22 Jan 2020Very happy with the Printed Circuit Boards.Very fast production and delivery.Great service thank youRegardsIan Callander (AeroMend)

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Jan 04.2020, 19:12:46

I come back today to PCBgogo

Since 2017 I've tried various PCB manufacturers and today I am returning to PCBgogo.

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