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What is package combing & adding?

Jun 03.2021, 17:45:49

What is package combing?

Each payment has each bill. You can add different types of orders together and  reduce transportation costs.

1. By combining the paid order with other orders, you can reduce the transportation cost. Meanwhile, you should confirm if these combined orders can be shipped simultaneously. Your transportation date depends on the date of your last single order. We may need some extra time for the express company (no service on Sunday) to pick up your package. 

2. If your order is urgent or you demand some orders delivering in advance, please tick (?) the payment separately when submit. So the delivery could follow the order plan, which will not be affected by other factors.

3. We strongly recommend that you pay for your order on or before 8:00 (GMT+0) so that our factory can start manufacturing immediately on the same day.


What is package adding?

Add package is the operation function of PCBgogo to solve the specific situation that users' combined orders or orders that need to be shipped together are unpaid at the same time;

A. In the following cases, you may need to add a package when you order:

1. When ordering PCBA service, PCB or SMT orders are unpaid at the same time, resulting in not being packed together;

2. New orders combine with paid orders to save transportation costs. ( If your PCB plan is not urgent )

  [Note]  Only unshipped packages can be chosen.  

B. You can add packages through the following process:


log in to your account, enter the "shopping cart" list, and select "pass, payment" status


click "combine shipping", select the order package you want to join in the list of optional order packages, and click " submit " to add the order to the selected order package;

   [Note] only "unshipped" order packages can be selected in order packing list.   


click " proceed to checkout " to pay. Then package will be added successfully.

__________________________________________________________________     END   _________________________________________________________________


●  If you need SMT services to the PCB order, please combine it to the corresponding SMT order when submit.

●  Learn more about our PCB Capabilities.

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