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Senior engineer (one file/6 hours) Engineering mid-level engineer (5 files/hours)
individual working panel Production mixed working panel
≥1 piece Quantity 5,10,15,20,25...pieces
Shengyi,Rogers,Arlon,Isola,Omega,Nelco,3M etc. Meet IPC4101 class B/L Material KB(kingboard)/GDM(goldenmax) Meet IPC4101 class B/L
Rohm&Haas,TAIYO,Kuangshun,Meet IPC-SM-840 class Ink,Soldermasks TAIYO,Kuangshun,Meet IPC-SM-840 class T
Min Mechanical Hole Size 0.15mm,Laser hole 0.1mm Drilling Min Mechanical Hole Size 0.2mm
PTH (Hole copper thickness≥20um),IPC 3(25um) Plating PTH(Hole copper thickness≥18um)
±2mil Soldermask offset ±3mil
±0.13mm Dimensional deviation ±0.2mm
0.75% Warping angle 1%
A.O.I,Kelvin Four-terminal sensing,Microsection Inspection,Solderability Test,Impedance Test... Test method A.O.I.,Fly Probe Testing
>140℃ Glass transition ℃ >130℃
Humidity indicator cards Package None
Inspection report Inspection report None
IPC Class 2,IPC Class 3,Automotive Standard, Customer Standard Standard IPC Class 2
Forbid to repair tracks(IPC 3,Automotive, Customer Standard) Etched line -
Cleanliness requirements beyond those of IPC Cleanliness Meet IPC standards
UL,ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,ISO/TS16949:2009, RoHS etc. Certification UL,ISO9001:2015,RoHS etc.
PCBGOGO Automated Production Lines and Professional Technicians
Minimum aperture up to 0.1mm for high-density interconnection (HDI) build-up multi-layer PCB,
with electrical conduction between wirings on each layer controlled through interlayer vias. Currently laser
drilling machines are extensively applied in processing of the Interlayer via-holes.
Real-time monitoring of chemical quality in copper plating sinks.
The aim of electroless copper is to plate a conductive layer through a hole or into a blind microvia.
Using the vacuum etching technology to make sure that both surfaces of the board are very uniform.
it produces a straighter conductor profile, allowing the resulting plate to more accurately match the wiring requirements.
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I get my second order. I'm very happy with this PCBs, again a good work. The cutting and soldering are professional, and have a safe BOX for the post services!!! Thank You PCBGOGO. I order again from You ! Best wishes, Richard from HUNGARY
This was my first PCB at PCBgogo. A 4-layer one. And I have to say that I'm really surprised by the overall process of this order. I had some issues with my files and they told me about this only a few hours after the order was sent. Once fixed, it took only a few days to have the PCB delivered, as stated on their website. Quality is perfect, edges are smooth, silkscreen drawings are perfect as well. Price is way below other suppliers for the same quality. Even with small batches. I have already ordered another PCB and next step will be the complete assembly. I greatly recommend their service and PCBgogo will now be my default supplier.
Jarsine and afterword Eric has been my contact person on this project. We encountered a problem on the PCB which Eric informed we prior to assembly as my gerber files were incorrect. Eric handled all my queries and adjustments without any hesitation and the utmost professionalism!
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