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FR-4 PCB Manufacturing

FR-4 PCB Capabilities

No. ItemManufacturing Capabilities            Illustration            
1MaterialFR-4 (Fiberglass)For Rogers, Taconic, ARLON and other HDI boards, please contact PCBGOGO for details.
2Number of Layers

1 Layer, 2 Layers, 4 Layers, 6 Layer, 8 Layers,

10 Layers

Standard stackup for multilayer pcbs.
3TG Grade

TG130~140, TG150~160, TG170~180

4Max PCB Size

1 layer & 2 layers: 1200*300mm or 600*500mm

Multi-layers: 600*500mm

5Min PCB Size5mm*5mm
6Board Size Tolerance(Outline)

±0.2mm(CNC routing)


7Surface Finish

HASL with lead, HASL lead free, Immersion gold(ENIG), OSP, Hard gold, ENEPIG, Immersion silver (Ag), None

8Board Thickness

1 Layer/2 Layers: 0.2~2.4mm

4 Layers: 0.4~2.4mm

6 Layers: 0.8~2.4mm

8 Layers: 1.0~2.4mm

10 Layers: 1.2~2.4mm


Note: Customized PCB thickness and Layer stackup are acceptable.

9Board Thickness Tolerance

Thickness≥1.0mm: ±10%

Thickness<1.0mm: ±0.1mm


Note: Normally “+ Tolerance” will occur due to PCB processing steps such as electroless copper, solder mask and other types of finish on the surface.

10Outer Layer Copper Thickness






PCB thickness≥1.2mm,

Via size≥0.25mm,

Min Track/Spacing≥0.15mm 



PCB thickness≥2.0mm,

Via size≥0.3mm,

Min Track/Spacing≥0.2mm

11Inner Layer Copper Thickness




Outer layer Min track/spacing


Inner layer Min track/spacing

14 Annular Ring Size≥0.13mm
15Grid Line track/spacing≥0.2mm25.jpg            
16Coil board Line track/spacing≥0.2mm20.jpg            
17BGA pad size≥0.25mm15.jpg            
18BGA Distance≥0.12mm
19Board Outlines

Track to Outline: ≥0.3mm 

Trace to V-cut line: ≥0.4mm

20Finished Hole Size Tolerance±0.08mm11.jpg            
21Finished Hole Diameter(CNC)



1. PCB Thickness=2.0mm, Min

hole size is 0.3mm

2. PCB Thickness=2.4mm, Min 

hole size is 0.4mm

3. Copper Thickness=2OZ, Min 

hole size is 0.25mm

4. Copper Thickness=3OZ, Min 

hole size is 0.3mm

22TH Via Distance

Same nets: 0.15mm

Different net: 0.25mm

23Plated Slot Size




L:W=2.5: 1 (Should be 2.5:1 or 

higher. If it is less than this, the holes may be misaligned.)  If you can't draw a long hole in your design, you can draw a continuous round hole and it will be regarded as a long hole. Also, it is okay to draw the oblong hole in Profile Layer instead of  Drilling Layer.

24Castellated Holes≥0.6mm4.jpg            
25Non-Plated Holes≥0.8mm10.jpg            
26NPTH to Copper Line≥0.2mm
27SoldermaskGreen, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Purple, Matte Green,Matte Black,None9.jpg            
28Soldermask Thickness


29Soldermask Bridge

Green: ≥0.1mm

Others: ≥0.15mm

30Soldermask to soldering pad distance≥0.05mm
31SilkscreenWhite, Black, Yellow, None22.jpg            
32Minimum Character Width(Legend)



Note: Characters of less than 0.15mm wide will be too narrow to be identifiable.

33Minimum Character Height (Legend)



Note: Characters of less than 0.8mm high will be too small to be recognizable.

34Character Width to Height Ratio (Legend)

1: 5 (In PCB silkscreen legends processing, 1:5 is the most suitable ratio)

35Silkscreen to Soldering Pad Distance≥0.1mm
36V-cut Line




PCB thickness≥0.6mm

Details refer to right side 




37V-cut Line Distance≥3.5mm1.jpg            
38Distance betwen Board to Board0.8mm7.jpg            
39Stamp-hole Width



Note: PCB size and thickness are subject to review by PCBGOGO.

40Tab-route Width



Note: PCB size and thickness are subject to review by PCBGOGO.

41Edge Rail



Note: If choosing panel by PCBGOGO, we will add 5mm edge rails on both sides by default.

42Gold Finger

Bevelling Angle: 30~45°

Depth: ≥1mm

Length: 45mm~280mm


Note: Board thickness≥1.2mm

43Special Specification

Impedance control

Custom Layer Stackup

Interstitial Via Hole(IVH)

Via in pad

Via filled with resin


Carbon Mask


Z-axis milling

Edge Plating


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