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Rigid PCB assembly /
Rigid – flex PCB assembly

PCBGOGO offers
PCB Assembly on rigid &
rigid – flex PCBs. BGA,
Micro-BGA, QFN, and etc.
packages could be soldered here.

Flexible PCB assembly

It is the same assembly
process with rigid PCBs except
some special operations based
on different technical
requirement for Flexible
PCB assembly.

Cable assembly

Cable assembly service with
different cables 12-28AWG
will be provided by

Case / Box assembly

For a finished project,
Case / Box assembly service
will be needed by our
customer, and it will be
offered by us.


PCBGOGO is a real PCB assembly manufacturer in Shenzhen,
which has three manufacturing bases equipped with the most advanced production equipment such as YAMAHA pick and place machine,
Reflow oven, Wave soldering Machine, X-RAY, AOI testing machine; and the most professional technical personnel.


We have a workforce of approximately 400 people. We are proud of our reputation as a leading specialist in surface-mount, thru-hole and mixed technology PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services as well as turn-key electronic PCB assembly.
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Min. Order Quantity
1 piece
Board Type
Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB,Rigid-Flex PCB
Assembly Types
SMD,Through-Hole,BGA,MicroBGA, QFN, and etc
Board Size
Quality Grade
Min Package
01005(0.4mm*0.2mm); Min. BGA Dia. 0.14mm; Min. BGA Pitch 0.2mm
SMT Capacity
3 Million~4 Million Soldering Pad/day
DIP Capacity
100 Thousand Pins/day


A. PCB Manufacturing/Parts Inspection

PCB fabrication will be started immediately once we confirmed your PCBA order and we will work on the components sourcing at the same time.
All the components will be inspected by our IQC Department. For example, the Value and Package match the description/soldering pad or not, to ensure there will be no mistake in assembly process.

B. PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly will be started after step 1. Hand soldering and machine soldering are available based on your order quantity.

C. IC Programming

It is usually done by using a computer as a bridge for IC programming, because the computer can upload software into the IC before the chips are mounted on the board.

D. Functional Testing

FUNCTIONAL TESTING is operated by a software to ensures that the requirements are properly satisfied by the application.

E. Package & Delivery

A reasonable packaging reduces the possibility of damage in transit, and DHL or FedEx we selected can let you get the package faster than other methods.


Certificates for PCB assembly PCBGOGO is UL-certified and fully compliant with the ISO: 9001:2015 quality management system. We guarantee that all our PCB products meet industry standards and undergo rigorous testing before delivery. Below are the pictures of our certificates:
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Feedback for

Operating since 2015, PCBGOGO has provided quick turn PCB assembly prototyping and component sourcing services for more than 100 thousand customers, and gained high praise and high-quality feedback from more than 98% of customers.
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