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For Flexible PCB
At PCBGOGO, we offer a quick-turn flexible PCB prototype service
we can make 1~6 layers of flexible PCB within 4~5 days.You can order flexible
PCB from 1 piece with our online instant quote system. Here is a special offer for all users:
All flexible PCB orders over $165 could get free shipping discounts once.
How to get free shipping for flexible PCB orders?
Step 1:
Place an order for flexible PCB on PCBgogo.
Step 2:
Please select the free shipping discount option on your payment page
if your flexible PCB cost is over $165,
then you will save up to $20 on shipping costs.
1.The free shipping discount is up to $20.
2.Other special offers and coupons cannot be combined with free shipping.
3.The discount can only be applied once per account.