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What to do if my account is activated but my email is not verified?

Nov 10.2023, 11:18:40

In order to provide you with better service and improve the security of your PCBgogo account, we recommend that you verify your registered email address immediately!

|  STEP 1:

If your account is already activated, you can log in to your member dashboard and go to the My Profile--Basic Information section.

|  STEP 2:

Click "Verify Mailbox" and get your "email verification code" in the new page that pops up.

Please note that the verification code is valid for 24 hours. You must verify the code within 24 hours of receiving it.

|  STEP 3:

Entering the verification code is completed.

|  STEP 4:

The email status is changed to "Verified", which means that your email verification is successful.

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