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What should do if can't retrieve the mailbox?

Dec 07.2023, 14:12:10

If you can't retrieve your PCBgogo account registration email for some unavoidable reasons, you can follow the following process to appeal to retrieve your registration email.

|  STEP 1:

Click "Forget password?" on the login page.

|  STEP 2:

On the retrieve password page, click "appeal your account." to enter the mailbox change appeal page.

|  STEP 3:

Fill in the Mailbox Modification Application page with your appeal mailbox, the new mailbox. Provide it to pcbgogo for review. PCBgogo will notify the appeal result to you by email after confirming the appeal information.

Note: In order to faster and accurable review of your appeal, please provide the information about your order history and user information at PCBgogo.

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