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How to add my delivery address?

Jun 07.2021, 14:59:29

You can log in to your personal account and follow the guide below to add/change your delivery address in “ My Delivery Address ”.


Add delivery address:


Find “My Delivery Address” page and click “Add a new address”;

My delivery address.jpg


Fill in the relevant information on the Edit address page, then click “Submit” to add your new delivery address successfully.

  Note: If you can’t find your local postcode when adding the delivery address, please contact your sales representative.  

My delivery address1.jpg


Set default delivery address:

Click " Set Default" to set the address to be your default address. After a successful setting, " Default Address " will be selected by default if you do not change the address actively during payment.

My delivery address2.jpg


Edit delivery address:

Click " Edit " to edit your added address.

My delivery address3.jpg

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