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How to pay online with credit cards?

Mar 28.2022, 14:16:12

Currently, PCBgogo only accepts Paypal for online payment. If you want to use other online payment methods, please contact us at service@pcbgogo.com.

The credit cards accepted in PCBGOGO include Visa、MasterCard、JCB、Maestro、American Express、Diners Club、Discover.

  Note: Maximum payment amount limit in one transaction is $5000 via credit card. 3D Secure will be applied when the payment amount exceeds $350.   


The process of payment by Credit Card is as follows:


Click “ Proceed to checkout ” after your order passes the review and enter the page to confirm your payment information.

|  STEP 2:

Fill in your shipping address, select the shipping method. For the payment method,  choose “ Paypal” and click "Pay now" to enter the Paypal website.

|  STEP 3:

Enter the page to confirm the payment method. Select " Credit Card A ", click “ Go to the payment ”.

|  STEP 4:

Fill in your card details including “Card Number”、“Expiration Date”、“Secure Code” and click “Pay now”.

|  STEP 5:

After the card details are verified, enter your password on the new page, click "Confirm" to proceed with the payment. When the payment is completed, a message about the successful payment would be sent to PCBGOGO website system. Your order would then be automatically confirmed for production.

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●  How to ask for a refund? Kindly check our return policy

●  If you need SMT services to the PCB order, please combine it to the corresponding SMT order when submit.

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