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Why does my order status show “awaiting payment” in PCBgogo after I complete the payment?

Jun 04.2021, 14:15:58

This is an rare situation. If it occurs, it could be because:

1.The network delay leads to a longer time for data interaction between Paypal and PCBgogo.

(When the payment finished, Paypal would transfer the data to PCBgogo). You may wait a few minutes and check the order status.


2. You may need to check the correspondence of your order number of the order awaiting payment and the order paid.画板.png

3. If the above tips cannot resolve the problem, contact your sales representative.画板.png


If you choose bank wire transfer or other payment methods, we will receive the payment within seven working days. Check your order status after approximately seven working days of the wire transfer. If you have finished paid and want to process your order, you can submit the payment voucher online.

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