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Flexible Printed Circuit Board

308 11 Oct 26.2023, 11:40:21
Flexible Printed Circuit Board Flexible PCBs is the process of assembling components on a flex board. The manufacture of flex PCB is quite similar to the assembly process of rigid boards. Flex PCBs are built with very thin laminates and exhibit high levels of bendability, tensile strength, and physical flexibility. These boards are also called flex boards, flexible electronics and flex circuit boards. These boards can be found in smart watches and medical equipment. These boards are very distinct due to its ability to bend and twist much than other boards. Flexible PCB assembly Process Flexible board assembly is the process of assembling components which is similar to that of rigid boards. The flow chart is describes the process flow.Bill of Materials BOM or bill of materials is a required list of components to assemble a PCB. Flex PCB Baking A flex circuit board stack-up is set and sent to the baking process for reduction in the amount of moisture inside the board. ...

Classification of PCB by IPC and its advantages

714 15 Jan 29.2023, 15:25:13
IPC standards are made to regulate the functionality of PCB. The Institute of printed circuit boards (IPC) is a worldwide association that is developed for PCB-concerned standards. IPC has developed more than 300 functional standards which are being followed worldwide by all PCB companies. IPC categorizes PCB into three different classes 1, 2, and 3. These classes are based on the quality of production levels such as design, assembly, components, packaging, etc. IPC standards define the quality level of production and functionality of PCB. IPC is presently called Association Connecting Electronics Industries. It is associated with more than 4000 companies worldwide. These companies include automotive, computer, medical, military, aerospace, microelectronics, and telecommunication industries. IPC inspects their production value, assembly and components categorization, and inspection standards. History of IPC: IPC was developed in 1957 by six PCB manufacturers of the time. Over ti...

10 Tips for PCB Stackup Design

467 2 Sep 30.2022, 16:38:05
With the continuous emergence of high-speed circuits, the complexity of PCB boards is also getting higher and higher. In order to avoid the interference of electrical factors, the signal plane and the power supply layer must be separated, so it involves the design of multilayer PCB, that is, the design of laminated structure.1. Avoid Direct Connection of Two Signal PlanesIn a multilayer PCB, it usually includes a signal plane (S), a power plane (P) plane and a ground plane (GND). How are the three arranged?Power and ground planes are usually undivided solid planes that provide a good, low-impedance current return path for current from adjacent signal traces. Therefore, the signal plane is mostly adjacent to the power plane or the ground plane. Moreover, the power supply layer and ground plane use a large area of copper (so the power supply layer and ground plane are also called copper layer), and the large copper film can provide shielding for the signal plane, which is conducive to im...

The Design of Characters, Outline, and Panel for Optimizing PCB

414 5 Aug 31.2022, 11:32:42
The PCB design is complicated, and various unexpected factors will affect the achievement of the overall solution. In order to produce high-quality PCB boards on time, without increasing design time or incurring costly rework, design and circuit integrity issues must be identified early in the design process.However, there are many small details in the PCB design process. If some small details are not paid attention to, they may greatly affect the performance of the entire PCB, and even determine the success or failure of the entire product. What other details should we pay attention to in order to maximize design efficiency and product quality?In the actual process of docking with customers, we also summarized some precautions for character, shape and panel design. As a high-reliability multilayer board manufacturer, Huaqiu Electronics focuses on PCB R&D and manufacturing, providing customers with high-reliability and short-term delivery experience.1 Outline design: Detailed design...