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The Design of Characters, Outline, and Panel for Optimizing PCB
116 0 Aug 31.2022, 11:32:42

The PCB design is complicated, and various unexpected factors will affect the achievement of the overall solution. In order to produce high-quality PCB boards on time, without increasing design time or incurring costly rework, design and circuit integrity issues must be identified early in the design process.

However, there are many small details in the PCB design process. If some small details are not paid attention to, they may greatly affect the performance of the entire PCB, and even determine the success or failure of the entire product. What other details should we pay attention to in order to maximize design efficiency and product quality?

In the actual process of docking with customers, we also summarized some precautions for character, shape and panel design. As a high-reliability multilayer board manufacturer, Huaqiu Electronics focuses on PCB R&D and manufacturing, providing customers with high-reliability and short-term delivery experience.

1  Outline design: Detailed design of edge connector

Problem: When the board edge connection position is designed, two adjacent boards have rounded corners on one side, straight edges on the other, and stamp holes in the middle. When the milling cutter cuts, there will be sharp corners behind the board, which needs to be welded. Grind it into rounded corners; the treatment method from the back end is to drill holes at both ends of the stamp hole. The drilling will cause slight damage to the board, which generally affects the product, but in terms of PCB standards, it may cause dispute

Expert advice: without affecting the structure, it is recommended to change the rounded corners to right angles or add "corner holes" to increase production efficiency and make the boards more beautiful.


2  Designing Internal Groove Milling: suitable milling cutter consideration & production efficiency

Problem: In the design document provided by the customer, the inner groove needs to be hollowed out, but the distance between the arches is less than 0.8mm, and the conventional milling cutter cannot enter

Expert advice: If the function of this board is not affected, customers can be advised to increase the distance at the arc; place a "corner hole" at the concave corner (see the white arrow in the figure)


3  SET panel design : panel orientation define

Problem: To express the direction of the panel, the customer provides a completely symmetrical distribution diagram similar to the picture on the left above, or provides a reference to the physical picture similar to the picture on the right above. The direction of the panel is not clearly indicated. It is difficult for the terminal personnel to know that they are paired together, and it is easy to mistakenly think that they are paired together, resulting in device interference during welding and unable to weld.

Expert advice: From a standard perspective, clear direction identification is required on design documents (except for asymmetric documents)

4  Characters Design Normalization


Machine stickers are commonly used in the industry, and the requirements for logos are not high, but from an engineering point of view, the characters on the upper window pads will be judged to be abnormal in design, and it will take time for back-and-forth EQ communication.

Expert advice:

For the convenience of maintenance and welding, place the tag number outside the device frame, and place the tag number in order or not in the dense area.

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