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How to Ship the Goods?

Jun 04.2021, 17:08:14


Firstly, PCBGOGO shipping department will print order address and invoice in PCBGOGO website system.

Secondly, PCBGOGO will set the shipment information on the DHL website.  

Thirdly, the DHL staff will collect the package from PCBGOGO and ship it to you.


Shipping Package:To avoid shipping damage, we will pack our PCBs in several steps by difference package material. 

●  Firstly, the PCB order will be packed by vacuum bubbles bag.

●  Secondly, after vacuum package it will be packed at our special carton boxes. We have designed several special carton 

    boxes in difference sizes to pack and ship the PCB orders.

●  At last, the package will be packed by shipping company bag or others wrapper.

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