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What Is The Difference Between Solder Mask And Solder Paste?
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What Is The Difference Between Solder Mask And Solder Paste?


When it comes to solder mask and solder paste, there are so many electronic engineers confused about what is the different between solder mask and solder paste, so PCBGOGO will make an explanation for you. You will have a better understanding of solder mask and solder paste.


What is solder mask?


Solder mask is a thin lacquer-like layer of polymer that is usually applied to the copper traces of a PCB for protection against oxidation, and prevent solder bridges from forming between solder pads. A solder bridge is an unintended electrical connection between two conductors with a small blob of solder, and the boards can prevent this from happening with solder masks. Solder mask is not always used for hand soldered assemblies, however it is important for mass production boards that are soldered automatically using reflow or solder bath techniques. Opening needs to be made in the solder mask wherever components are soldered after applied, which is accomplished using photolithography. 


What is solder paste?

Solder paste, also called solder cream, a mixture of minute solder spheres held within a specialized form of solder flux, which is one of the important material used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. As well as make it possible to solder through hole pin in paste components by printing solder paste in the holes. It’s a powder metal solder suspended in a thick fluid medium, which is called flux. solder paste is the form of solder that is used in association with infrared reflow machines during the PCB assembly process.


The difference between solder mask and solder paste


1. There is no solder mask ink for the openings on solder mask, however, paste is on the openings of solder paste.

2. Solder mask is the part of PCB, but the solder paste is not, as solder paste is only for the SMT stencil.

3. Solder mask is used for solder mask ink, while solder paste is used for paste.

4. Solder mask is applied as fabricating your circuit board, however, solder paste is used for SMT PCB assembly.

5. There are so many available colors for solder mask, while solder paste is usually gray.


Your solder mask on your PCB and solder paste on PCB assembly in PCBGOGO


With over 10 years as an industry leader, PCBGOGO is one of the most experienced PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in China. highly specialized not only in quick-turn PCB prototype and PCB assembly, but also medium and small volume PCB fabrication. And we will try our best to fabricate your PCB with solder mask, as well as turnkey PCB assembly with the highest quality to meet your demands and committed to adhering to the strictest standards in PCB fabrication and assembly. 


If you have any questions, or need more information on solder mask or solder paste, please feel free to contact us with service@pcbgogo.com, we will be happy to help you. 

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