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For PCB prototype, we can fabricate high-quality PCBs up 1 to 10 layers with very competitive prices both for prototypes and mass productions. We have our office in Shenzhen, China, which will provide you with good 24 hours online service. What’s more, we have 2 factories for PCB manufacturing facility and PCB assembly located in the heart of the China’s “Silicon Valley” Shenzhen to provide technology support.
Low volume PCB
There may be some inevitable problem in PCB prototype; we will try our best to provide our consumers with the most effective solution. For PCB prototype and low volume fabrication services, the price that you get from PCBGOGO is cheaper than other companies. In addition, there isn’t extra charge for the different number of drill holes, but many other companies do. The price that you get on our web is transparent that you can truly rely on every time.
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In order to provide our consumers with the most accurate quotation, we have the professional staff to check your PCB design file. But if you have not finished your PCB design yet, you just need to put your detailed PCB information, such as board quantity, board size, number of layers and so on, to the instant quote on our website, and then you will get the approximate price. It would be better to let us know if there are any other additional manufacturing guidelines that could alter the price. And we will reply for your PCB quotation to you as soon as possible. Note: It would be better to upload your PCB Gerber file directly on our web than to send it to email. We will eventually manufacture your PCB with the design file on our web.
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PCB fabrication services.
PCBGOGO provides 1-10 layers PCB fabrication, from prototype to mass production, with high quality, quick turn and highly effective cost. We are one of the top PCB fabricators in China and our PCB manufacture is strictly according to the high quality rules.
Printed circuit board Schematic diagram
Printed circuit board artwork generation was initially a fully manual process done on clear Mylar sheets at a scale of usually 2 or 4 times the desired size. The schematic diagram was first converted into a layout of components pin pads, then traces were routed to provide the required interconnections. Pre-printed non-reproducing Mylar grids assisted in layout, and rub-on dry transfers of common arrangements of circuit elements (pads, contact fingers, integrated circuit profiles, and so on) helped standardize the layout. Traces between devices were made with self-adhesive tape. The finished layout "artwork" was then photographically reproduced on the resist layers of the blank coated copper-clad boards.

All boards supply free AOI optical scanning and flying probe test to guarantee the quality. We are the largest PCB fabrication center in China with 500 engineers and workers. Our PCB factory focuses on PCB fabrication, equipped with the advanced machines imported from Japan and Germany. We can offer PCB fabrication, SMT & PCB assembly, and parts sourcing. Welcome to order your satisfying PCB!

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