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Handheld Gaming Console Arduboy Clone

4441 12 Jul 10.2019, 14:38:44
Made my own version of Arduboy, from breadboard to printed circuit board!Things used in this projectHardware componentsArduino Micro & Genuino Micro One PCB board come from PCBGOGOStoryA few months ago I came across Arduboy which according to its official website is a miniature 8-bit game platform that makes it easy to learn, share and play games online. It is an open source platform. The games for the Arduboy are made by the users. Arduboy is based around ATmega32u4 which is the same microcontroller used in Arduino Pro Micro. Although I am not yet capable of making games, I decided to make build the hardware part of it on a PCB board. And yes, it worked! Thanks to MrBlinky for creating Homemade Arduboy Package. The hard work was already done.I had a lot of fun playing some retro games on it. But the breadboard is a bit clumsy with wires running all over. I always wanted to try PCB designing and get it fabricated professionally. So, this is the right time to do it. Also, this is a pe...

how to do a FM Transmitter Circuit?

1283 0 Jul 04.2019, 15:18:35
A FM transmitter circuit putting out a few watts of power through a wire antenna with an electret microphone receiving any audio to put out.Things used in this projectHand tools and fabrication machinesStoryThis FM Transmitter Circuit is yet another circuit which I have manufactured and prototyped with PCBGOGO. I used kikad to design this PCB board from the circuits schematics but selected most of the PCB customisation settings through PCBGOGOs online website page. The five boards I ordered came quickly with DHL Express shipping and I got to the soldering part as soon as I could. Regarding the visual designs for the PCB itself, I specifically chose a blue solder mask with a white silkscreen and HASL Lead Free surface finish. This PCB circuit can also be upgraded to an ever higher level with a FM receiver being integrated into this project or a LCD screen being mounted for a greater visual display. However, it is now up to you to come up with some other creative design to expand on ...

Everything You Need to Know About PCBA Turnkey Technology

3130 2 Jun 26.2019, 10:27:03
What is Turnkey PCB Assembly?‘Turnkey’ refers to a product or service that is ready for immediate use for the buyer and when applied to PCB assembly, this means that the supplier will handle all aspects of the PCB project. This includes the procurement of parts, components and the manufacturing of PCB. Turnkey PCB assembly uses an internet cloud-based software and PCB manufacturers to develop printed circuit boards quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively for small businesses. Essentially, a full turnkey solution allows you to have greater freedom to focus on designing PCBs whilst the supplier can handle the rest of the operations. Turnkey solutions offer an efficient and cost-effective way to assemble and test circuit boards for products. This also offers companies a way to receive printed circuit boards with the shortest lead times possible. Full turnkey PCB assembly includes services necessary to create your finished products, beyond PCBA. These include:· PCB prototypes· High v...

How to make all kinds of interesting decorations with PCB boards?

3067 4 May 09.2019, 09:27:04
Everyone has the impression that the printed circuit boards are square, and soldering PCB boards is something that only electronic enthusiasts will be interested in. But this work goes beyond the general concept, the circuit board can also be cute, vivid and interesting, and even can be used as necklaces, pendants and other ornaments! The printed circuit board is made into a fox shape and can be charged with solar energy. The eyes are two light-emitting diodes that emit amber light.Things you need: Temperature adjusting electric soldering iron, solder, sharp-nosed pliers, his welding tool is very interesting, there are several crocodile clips that can turn the angle to help hold the weldment.Circuit diagram and components:1.C2-47uF Ceramic Capacitor (Blue-large). 2. C3-10uF Chip Capacitor (Blue-small). 3. C4-0.1uF time scale Capacitor (Brown). 4. U2-MCP6542 master IC. 5. SC1 to SC6-BPW34 ($0.4135) photodiode. 6. R5-330 ohmic resistor (orange band). 7. R1/R2/R3/R4-10M...

Why use silver and gold in electronic circuits to build a basic PCB board?

2029 3 Mar 28.2019, 14:34:40
Gold, which has eight electrons in the last layer, is one of the most stable elements in nature, or difficult to react with other elements.Gold also has good ductility, ductility or ductility is the physical properties of materials subjected to plastic deformation, no fracture or fracture under the action of charge. In other words, gold is an excellent raw material for making thin wires. With these properties, gold is widely used in the electronics industry to make ultra-thin orbits in microchips and to prevent contact oxidation. Electrical contacts that are critical to or suitable for oxidation are usually gold-plated to ensure that they are not oxidized. Silver, as the best electrical conductor in nature, is basically used for driving. When high frequency conduction is involved, an effect called a "skin effect" or film effect occurs, Or the film effect (referred to in technical terms as "cabista" as a "surface effect") would basically be as follows: the current AC current...

Some Good PCB Project Gerber Imgs For Share

3346 4 Nov 27.2018, 17:18:36
Here are some PCB layout ideas for some one whos need help?I tried pcbgogo which is the best pcb prototype company in china with higj quilaty and great price.. I payed for slow shipping, so Ill report back in 8 weeks smile very cheap: 5,- euro for 10 pcbs (5x10cm) and some extra 1st time customer discount. (you get a coupon for $20 , 15% of total price. so with each order you get some discount until that $20,- is depleted.) shipping was 13 dollar.

How to make a order at pcbgogo website?

1574 8 Oct 19.2018, 17:07:10
Is there someone like me?When we want upload our gerber files we can't find it. And we contact with the Customer Service. This days i found this , i think it is very useful for the customer who is the frist time visit PCBGOGO page want make a orderOk,Here's the video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcJyLotNvi0&feature=youtu.be

Ten Common problems in PCB Design

3455 14 Oct 18.2018, 17:35:19
I. overlap of pads. 1. The overlap of the pads (except the pads on the surface) means that the overlap of the holes in the drilling process will cause the drill bit to break because of drilling many times in one place, resulting in the damage of the holes. 2, two holes overlap in the multilayer board, such as one hole position is the isolation disk, the other hole position is the connection disc (the flower soldering pad), after drawing the negative in this way, it appears as the isolation disk, which causes the scrap. II. Abuse of graphics. 1, in some graphics layer to do some useless line, was originally a four-layer board but designed more than five layers of lines, so that cause misunderstanding. 2. It is easy to design. Take Protel software as an example, Board layer is used to draw the line of every layer, and Board layer is used to mark the line. In this way, when the light drawing data is carried out, because the Board layer is not selected, the line is missed and the...