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How to make a construction process of open source ergonomic Keyboard(PCB project)

8759 1 Jun 04.2019, 11:30:38
How to build it?I made my first guest keyboard a month ago.After all, it is the first time to do the keyboard, the whole process is quite tortuous, the first electric soldering iron is not skilled, fortunately, this keyboard should be the most detailed tutorial, bit by bit gnaw documents and videos or finally finished. The total cost is less than 400, using the most common pcb, shell and key cap. The only advantage is cheap, after all, 2, 000 ergodox-ez is not affordable to ordinary people. Of course, ergodox can not be regarded as an anti-fever keyboard, the actual use of the thumb area of those small keys are basically not used, and the size is also too large, out of the street is not to think about. Also inadvertently found a split ergonomic keyboard Corne, the first time I saw it, combining the advantages of planck and ergodox, and the position of the key in the thumb area is very reasonable. Of course, the list varies from person to person. Mechanical-keyboard covers most of the...

How to design a pcb ues Altium Designer?

1216 0 Apr 09.2019, 11:23:52

What's the difference between PCB and FPC?

1090 0 Apr 03.2019, 11:08:13
What's the difference between PCB and FPC?i know pcb is the circuit what is the fpc?

How to distinguish between laser 1 and laser 2 and laser 3 of HDI PCB?

1142 0 Apr 01.2019, 11:02:07

How to form schematic into pcb in Altium Designer?

1103 0 Mar 20.2019, 08:57:49
As you can see,how can i get a PCB files?

What are the difference between IC Board and PCB Board?

1068 0 Mar 18.2019, 10:51:13
I wanna to know those difference,is there have anyone can tell me?Also i wanna to make a ordder list at PCBGOGO,please send me you suggest to me.

There are many kinds of PCB plates. why is the most common thickness generally 1.6mm?

1024 0 Mar 14.2019, 09:45:26
Hi,guysWoo,they are so many knids of PCB plates,how can i choose it, why i saw many of them thickness are 1.6mm

What materials does PCB have?

1352 1 Mar 12.2019, 09:30:01
As you can see,so what is the different of them?

Why does PCB coat with copper?

1199 1 Mar 11.2019, 11:26:59
Why is pcb covered with copper? Will the wire be short-circuited to the circuit board due to copper coating?

what are the letters on the circuit board?PCB prototype & PCB assembly

1356 1 Mar 06.2019, 09:41:25