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How to specify V-score or tab-route?

1635 1 Mar 13.2019, 18:10:37
When panelizing in Diptrace, how do I specify v-score or tab-route? Do I need spacing between the PCBs for v-score? I assume so for tab-route.

Is it possible to make the PCB I want to do?

1214 1 Mar 12.2019, 09:34:08
In short, I want to make a PCB of an atypical shape without starting out with individual parts first in the EDA software, I want to draw and run the traces without having parts placed first. Is this possible, and which software would be best? I’m willing to spend money on the software.I’m sorry for the lame and ambiguous title, I don’t know how else to title this. I’ve had the hobby of electronics for years, but I have never delved into making my own PCBs. I’m just now getting my feet wet, as in my little toe is in the water.The Knowledge I have so far on EDA cad programs so far suggests that what I’m trying to do could be particularly challenging if it’s possible. I could be wrong. I’ve been working on and off on a project for a long time and I’ve hit a road block of fitting all the components and things into the shell(An original style DMG Game Boy Shell). I haven’t worked on it in probably close to a year. The solution I’ve come up with is to to make a PCB that all the individual sy...

If there are bunches of components in a PCB (capacitors, resistors, ICs), then how do you troubleshoot that PCB to locate the fault or to find where is the fault or which component is faulty?

1149 2 Mar 11.2019, 09:46:18
Typically, fault finding works in consultation with the schematic.

How I can choose a 4 layer PCB board?

1201 2 Mar 09.2019, 10:31:30
I have saw PCBGOGO form google,Actually i don't know what about their quality?

What are the main components on the PCB board?

1181 1 Mar 06.2019, 13:49:25
This involves the classification of electronic components.

Which PCB company is good at in PCB assembly?

1253 1 Mar 05.2019, 14:35:06
Choose PCB Company with a team of qualified and experienced personnel’s who can deliver high-grade PCB Assembly and capable to handle the whole process including PCB manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and faster shipment

How do you make notes for PCB?

1193 1 Mar 01.2019, 10:42:27
When placing an order or requesting a quotation for printed circuit boards(PCB), it is extremely important to clearly state all of your requirements as completely as possible.