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Please Help: Pace TF 1800 or Finetech CorePlus

  • Jun 14.2019, 09:03:23
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Hi all,
I'm thinking of adding a high-end rework station to my lab. Budget-wise I can basically afford all the solutions from Finetech, Pace, Ersa, and others. However, I'm not sure which one to go with.  I'm considering Finetech Core-plus and Pace TF 1800. I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions on this. If you have any other machine that is better, I would appreciate if you kindly let me know,
I'm not gonna use it for mass-production and it will be used in an academic environment. The smallest components that I will need the machine to handle is 0201. And the maximum board size is 10in*10in. If there is any solder past dispensing possibility with the machine, that would be ideal since I dont wanna consider stencil,... 
Best regards,

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Jun 15.2019, 09:09:29

Why do you keep starting new topics with basically the same question?
If you have more to add/ask, then add it to your existing topic thread and the previous commenters/watchers can be notified.
Either way it will bubble up on the recent topic list.
There is only going to be a small subset of people here who are familiair with those particular machines - they're not exactly cheap.


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