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Great Tips for Selecting PCB Assembly Services
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Getting the best PCB Assembly service can be challenging nowadays without proper guidance. To get the best PCB Assembly service, there are specific things you need to look out for. This article outlines 8 great tips you can confidently follow to help you select the best PCB Assembly services. Let's dive in. 

Quality Manufacturing Equipment

Assembling PCB involves a lot of complex processes. Therefore to produce precise and accurate PCBs, assemblers need to use quality and modern manufacturing equipment. This does not only ensure the quality and accuracy of PCB but helps to fasten production. Also, don't go in for an assembler that outsources PCB manufacturing equipment. This is a clear indication that they are new in the PCB Assembly business and are likely to operate on trial and error. Experienced assemblers provide the best services. 

Figure 1: Latest YAMAHA Pick&Place machine in PCBGOGO factory

Multiple Assembling Lines 

There's an extremely good reason to shop around an assembling firm that boasts of several assembling lines. This helps to fast-track production and ensure PCBs are ready within the shortest possible time. In most cases, PCB Assembly requires a certain volume of PCBs to be assembled at a time. This can't be done with limited assembling lines. Using limited assembling lines for massive production volumes will definitely lead to delay. This is why you have to go in for a partner that has several assembling lines to guarantee a short turnaround time for your PCB Assembly projects.

Figure 2: PCBGOGO SMT Assembly lines

Quality Control Standards 

The best PCB assemblers follow high-quality control standards in their assembling process. They comply with safety and performance standards to ensure the best-assembled boards. These assemblers use trained employees, ensure quick turnaround times and offer 24/7 customer service help. 


The best assemblers always conduct excellent quality inspections to be sure their circuit boards meet the industry's quality standards. They constantly receive feedback from their customers and work hard to meet them or even go beyond them. This is why it is extremely important you go in for an assembler that complies with quality control standards. 


Quality Materials

Another crucial factor you need to check is the quality of material that goes into the manufacturing of the PCB. Always go in for an assembling service partner that uses high-quality materials. One key feature of a high-quality PCB material is high conductivity. High-quality materials would ensure that the final PCB is durable and lasts long. So make it a point never to compromise on quality when finding a PCB Assembly service partner.


Proper PCB Assembly Service Testing 

Once assembling is complete, it is super important for the assembler to test the circuit boards. This helps to detect and correct faults or errors on the board. With this in place, the assembling firm will only release quality and proper functioning boards to the market. Avoiding tests on the boards after assembling may lead to acquiring faulty boards. This is something you want to avoid and you can do this by selecting an assembler that conducts proper board tests such as AOI, AXY, functional testing and so on.

Figure 3: AOI Inside PCBGOGO factory


The Price of the PCB Assembly Service

The cost of the PCB is another key component when making decisions for a good PCB Assembly service partner. At this point, it is super important to point out that quality and cost go hand in hand in most instances. That's if you need a quality PCB, you need to be willing to pay more. However, you need to be cautious so you don't pay more than what you need to and get maximum value for your money. This is because some PCB Assembly service providers charge extremely high and exploitative prices. 


The best PCB Assembly service partners don't charge unreasonable prices. They don't exploit their customers. They offer quality PCBs and yet offer discounts that help to reduce the price. Selecting the best partner involves a healthy balance of cost and quality. When you get this right, you will be able to get the best PCB assembler. But bear in mind not to run after cheap PCBs as most of these PCBs have poor quality. 


Design Review

Design plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality boards. Get your design right and you're on your way to producing a great board. If you get it wrong, you're in for a mess or poor functioning board. This is why massive care should be given to the board's design. Bad assemblers immediately start production of the PCB once they receive the design from their client. They don't make time to properly examine the design to see if some errors need correction. 


But the best assemblers do the opposite. They see their clients as their partners and collaborate with them to come up with suitable designs that ensure the success of the boards. They make a great time to examine the client's design and offer great suggestions to improve it. You need to go in for such assemblers who would always partner with you from the design to the assembling stage. 


Figure 4: PCBs assembled by PCBGOGO


Right Storage Systems

Providing proper storage for the circuit board after assembling is one key way to ensure that the board lasts long. But unfortunately, most assemblers do not take this seriously. Some assemblers store their boards in carton boxes. Carton boxes are bad storage systems and don't give boards maximum protection. When boards are packed in carton boxes, they can be easily exposed to air and humidity which can make parts of the PCB oxidize and corrode. So, you need to pay proper attention to the type of storage system used by an assembler when choosing one for your boards. 

You need to look out for assemblers that offer their packages in vacuum seals. Vacuum seals have many advantages which include their silica gel helping manage humid conditions. Always endeavor to pick assemblers that use the best storage mechanisms.


Final Thoughts

So as you can see, a lot of careful considerations need to be made when selecting a PCB Assembly service provider. This post has shared powerful tips that can help you find the best PCB assemblers. 


If you are looking for the best PCB Assembly service provider, PCBGOGO is your best option. Here at PCBGOGO, we offer you quality, precise and industry-standard PCB on time. We will partner with you from the design to assembling stage to make sure we provide you with best-in-class PCB Assembly services that meet your needs. Contact us now and let's discuss your PCB Assembly project. 


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