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July 20 marked the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans ever to step onto the moon.
On the journey to the moon, PCB plays a crucial role. It was used for radios, computers, satellites, spacecraft, and all the electronics equipment that you can imagine.
At PCBGOGO, we manufacture a lot of PCBs for the aerospace and technology industry. We continue to improve our manufacturing capabilities for PCB prototypes, HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs,
and so on to meet the demands of high-end technology companies.
All the PCBs we manufacture are certified with UL, REACH, RoHS, and CQC,
meanwhile, our factories are qualified by ISO 9001, and IATF 16949 quality system management to ensure the quality of our PCBs.
Now, PCBGOGO launches the promotion in honor of the engineers and scientists who made the moon landing possible.
We believe that together with our customers, we can achieve something even greater than the moon landing.
Enjoy the promotion and fly to the moon with us!
Flexible PCB with Free Shipping
During the promotion, all flexible PCB orders over $165 could get free shipping discounts once.
Please select the free shipping discount option on your payment page
if your flexible PCB cost is over $165,
then you will save up to $20 on shipping costs.
Gift with the purchase
During the promotion, new PCBGOGO users can receive an astronaut bookmark as a gift with a $50 purchase.
Astronaut bookmarks
Astronaut bookmarks
Astronaut bookmarks
Note: Gift bookmarks will be offered randomly from the four types listed above.
There are 200 gift bookmarks in total. While stocks last, PCBGOGO will offer the gift on a first-come, first-served basis.
In the event that you spend more than $50
(ONLY on PCBs, PCBAs, and components, excluding shipping and other fees),
you will see a gift option on your payment page.
If you choose that option, you will receive an astronaut bookmark with your orders.
3X reward points for all orders
During the promotion, you'll earn 3 reward points (usually one point) when you spend every $10 on PCB or assembly orders.
You can upgrade your PCBGOGO VIP level to benefit from an exclusive member discount.
What’s more, you can redeem coupons and gifts like PCBGOGO rulers, PCB modules, and more in our gift shop as you earn more points.
V0-V3 ≥ 500 < points >
Exclusive Member
Member 0% off
PCBGOGO PCB Ruler (155*25*1.6mm)
V4 ≥ 1500 < points >
Exclusive Member
Member 2% off
18650 Dual Micro USB 3.7V to 5V 2A Boost Mobile Power Bank PCB Module
V5 ≥ 5000 < points >
Exclusive Member
Member 5% off
TTP223 Touch Key Switch Module
Touching Button Self-Locking
V6 ≥ 10000 < points >
Exclusive Member
Member 8% off
HCSR04 to world Ultrasonic Wave
Detector Ranging Module HC-SR04
HC SR04 HCSR04 Distance Sensor
1. The promotion runs from July 20th,2022 to August 20th,2022.
2. During the promotion, Flexible PCB orders over $165 could get a free shipping discount once. The free shipping discount is up to $20. The free shipping discount cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts. Every account only can get a free shipping discount once.
3. During the promotion, the new registers can get a bookmark gift with their $50 purchase. The gift cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts. Every account only can get the gift once.
4. During the promotion, you will get 3 points (usually one point)when you spend every $10 on your orders and 1 GOcoin if the points are up to 5 every time. You can see your points on the reward points page, and use them on our gift shop page.
5. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to PCBGOGO.