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Speed is critical in modern business.
The customer is urgent to have a prototype of the PCB as soon as possible to test the project and start mass production of the product. A quick-turn PCB prototype speeds up the time to market and helps you stay ahead of the competition.Partnering with PCBGOGO,
you’ll get your prototype boards quickly and easily.

Fast lead times
Unlike PCB brokers, we run our factories in Shenzhen, China. With several production lines and the most advanced production equipment, we have control of the fast lead time in PCB manufacturing while maintaining a high PCB quality. Our one-stop facility for PCB manufacturing and assembly also shortens the turnaround time for turnkey or consigned, kitted PCB assembly orders. Apart from that, we are taking advantage of our facilities that are close to the airport and Hong Kong, which allow us to get PCB products to the customers as quickly as possible.
Exceptional expedited services
The standard PCB build time is 2~3 days. To provide the shortest possible lead-time for urgent projects, PCBGOGO also offers expedited services to prototype your PCB design in as fast as 24 hours. For 1~ 4 layer PCB with default parameters, the shortest build time is 24 hours and for 6 layers, 48 hours. No expedited fees are charged for 1~2 layers FR-4 boards. You can select the right schedule to fit your budget.
Various shipping methods
PCBGOGO offers several shipping methods, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, HK Post, and other suitable methods to meet your specific needs. Once ready, your orders will be shipped out without any pending, and online shipping numbers are provided immediately. Proud of our 99% on-time delivery record, PCBGOGO assures that you keep your PCB orders on track and get your prototypes in the time when you need them.