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The cost of PCB prototypes is an important factor for both hobbyists and entrepreneurs as a project should be economically stable with a certain budget. As a real PCB manufacturer with vast experience,
PCBGOGO strives to be the most cost-efficient solution for your PCB prototyping and PCB assembly.
Not a broker
Running our factory in Shenzhen, China, we don't outsource your work to other companies. With PCBGOGO, you get directly to the source and do not need to pay additionally for the broker fees.
Instant Quote
We offer a real-time online calculator on the quote page that allows you to independently generate a quote for your custom PCB prototype in seconds. The estimated cost is displayed simply by filling the size, and quantity with other default options and click “Calculate”. The price changes accordingly when you change the parameters such as material, size, quantity, thickness, solder mask color, surface finishing, or shipping methods. It is calculated automatically without any hidden costs so you can have an idea ofhow much your project would cost right from your browser.
Additional free services
PCBGOGO also provides additional free services that other manufacturers might charge for. Once receiving your PCB files, our engineers will review your files to check for potential errors and offer suggestions if needed to help refine your product design. We also have a team of professional one-on-one sales who respond quickly to handle any problems you might have with your orders. In addition we conduct E-test on every board manufactured in our factories without an extra fee to ensure the final PCBs delivered to the customers are reliable and defect-free. These additional bonuses would help you save costs while remaining a high-quality standard.
Turnkey PCB Assembly
Covering PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB assembly and also kitted, consign assembly, Our turnkey PCB assembly services can be flexibly combined and help you stick to your budget We have established strong business relationships with famous distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, and also local suppliers for an adorable sourcing price. Moreover, we do not charge setup fees and offer free stencil for all PCB Assembly orders. No minimum order quantity is required in PCBGOGO, you can order from just 1 piece for PCB assembly so you never have to buy more than what you actually need.
We often hold promotions campaigns to attract and reward our customers. Some long-term activities are as follows:
$50 for new users
A $50 coupon will be applied to your account immediately upon your registration on PCBGOGO.
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10% OFF
Used for and PCB Assembly
Not including components,$5 PCB and $30
PCB assembly special product/service
Free PCB prototype
All PCBGOGO users can enjoy free PCB prototyping once on our website.
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Free Trial Order
1-2 Layers FR-4 PCB Prototype
size < 100 * 100mm
24 hours build time
5-10 pieces
$30 off on the components cost
All PCBGOGO users can enjoy $30 off on the components cost for your first PCB Assembly order.
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Easy components sourcing
48 hours BOM quote