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How to use PCBGOGO plugin for Kicad ?

Sep 28.2022, 11:46:33

Kicad Plug-in

Step one:  Install PCBGOGO one-button to order plug-in

1. Open the Kicad and click the “Plugin and Content Manager” to get PCBGOGO one-button to order plug-in

2. Waiting to load in a few seconds

3. You can check the plug-in list in repository upon successfully loading

Note: The present version is beta, so the page would show an already-installed status. Theoretically, there is the PCBGOGO plug-in in the repository you can see, and click “install” to add the PCBGOGO plug-in.

4. Find out “ PCBGOGO-Plug-in-for-Kicad ” and click install.


Step two : place an order

1. Create a new or open existing document

Note: The present beta is based on the Kicad template file.

2. Open the Gerber file and click the red icon that is the PCBGOGO plug-in

3. After finishing loading, your file and parts of Parameters would sync with the PCBGOGO quote program so as to get a quick quotation.

As of now, PCBGOGO Plug-in can identify parameters associated with length, width, and layers. The default quantity is 5pcs.

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