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Real 8-Bit TinyBASIC Computer
1617 0 Jun 09.2021, 17:50:04
A simple 2-part real 8-bit standalone and programable computer! Inspired by the early 1970s kit systems such as the Mits Altair 8800 or Apple 1. The project is powered by an Arduino Nano micro controller acting as the main CPU, BASIC Interpreter and PS/2 keyboard input, whist a standalone ATMEL AtMega 328p chip acts as the video TV terminal and character ROM. Originally the design used solderless breadboards, but really leant itsself to a full static PCB. Designed using the free open source KiCAD software, the PCB was designed as a simple twin sided though hole design, allowing for the easy home assembly of components with such a normal soldering iron. The quietly of the PCBs produced are outstanding! With a really nice finish and fine printed silkscreen. The boards where reproduced to my designs and after being populated and assembled at on my workbench, the TinyBASIC computer system boot-up first time! Loading into the tinyBASIC interpreter. Overall having custom PCBs made by PCBgogo has been a real boost to this project. The quality, price and service are amazing and extremely good value, especially for small one off production runs. I can highly recommend, and look forward to ordering again for my next project soon! A full build video using these PCBs can be seen at: https://youtu.be/kgNhNSp5fZc forum forum forum forum forum forum
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