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You can bank on us because we have printed circuit board industry certifications and you will feel comfortable relying on us for all of your quick-turn, small quantity printed circuit boards needs.

PCBgogo is certified by UL and compliant with RoHS & REACH standards. We guarantee that all our PCB and PCB assembly meet industry standards and undergo rigorous testing before delivery.

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PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and components sourcing are under one roof in PCBGOGO.
Our factories are fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Each PCB we produced goes through strict testing by the latest inspection machine and our professional QC, as they allow us to see inside the PCB and make precise measurements to check our production processes and confirm the quality of the finished PCBs.

We pay attention to operator training. Because we understand the bad emotion if the engineer receives a bad printed circuit board. It is our duty to check the PCBs as they go through the manufacturing process, and we make sure that operators have training and expertise. These steps give you the added reassurance that the board you receive is correct to your design and will perform correctly over the lifetime of your product.

Please note:

○ Customers are responsible both for carefully reviewing their online order details and for submitting the correct board files to PCBGOGO for manufacture.
○ PCBGOGO is not responsible for boards that fail to function due to engineering and/or design flaws contained in customer-submitted files.
○ If you have any questions about PCBGOGO and/or our products and services, please feel free to contact us at any time.