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Some PCB Design Guidelines You Need to Know | An Advise From a PCB Engineer
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Some PCB Design Guidelines You Need to Know | An Advise From a PCB Engineer


With the development of electronic technology, PCB plays an important role in electronic engineering project just like the support and bonding. However there are a lot of customers and engineers confused about PCB design. So PCBGOGO will share some advises for you, we hope that it will help you.


An experience of PCB layout from a PCB engineer


I am a PCB engineer, and was engaged in PCB for six years from chip to PCB layout. Because of my career planning, I joined a chip factory when I was out of office. Luckily, I began to contact the leading IC design and hardware project, applying IC design to every filed with different ways. However, because there was no  reference design in the new project, it’s challenging to make the circuit by ourselves based on chip material. With the chip becomes more integrated and a lot of software external circuits can be made in the chip, gradually, I was not interested in software design as it’s being more and more easier. Because there are so many reference designs and stable software plannings, a lot of software plannings were reducing the circuit on the basic of public version. On the contrary, PCB design was becoming more and more difficult as the increasing integration of chips, and it’s more obvious to be in the direction of the multilayer board, high speed and density board, HDI and arbitrary order. With time goes by, I had been good at chip design and PCB layout, so we just provided some technology support for each customer later, what’s more, checking and guiding the customer’s PCB that drawn by PCB engineer. In 2008, I was job-hopping to a PCB layout company by chance, being charge of training the team and managing, when in the most rapid development of company, I managed a PCB layout team with over 200 designers. So meaning I began to be engaged in PCB design from 2008.


PCB engineer: a comprehensive position with high salary


As you know, PCB engineer is a comprehensive position, and a good PCB engineer is not only good at EDA software, but also has an understanding of circuit, SI/PI, EMC, thermal design, DFM process, cost consciousness and so on. Only in this way can you design a reliable electronic product. And it’s necessary for each electronic product to do with PCB design, so the PCB engineer’s salary is beyond other positions.



The stage goal, make it clear to be a good PCB engineer


You need to be hard working, communicate, and make a conclusion if you want to be a good PCB engineer. On one hand, learn from others sincerely, and communicate with your colleagues. On the other hand, thinking yourself, what’s your advantages? What do you want to do? And how to learn? And so on. It’s easy for some new PCB designers to get into these troubles.

There are some confusions about the knowledge of circuit, SI, PI, EMC, PCB process and so on for some new PCB designers. So they can’t do well in PCB design.

Some mistakes you easily make: component PCB library is lack of pad, all decoupling capacitors are together, the routing is lack of close circuit, design PCB with full bonding, the space in the routing is too close, the via is too small or big, the main close circuit is not taking into consideration in advance and so on.


Make a planning for the circuit diagram of PCB design


To begin with, you need to master an EAD software. And then to learn the skills of PCB design, circuit module’s design, the products’ PCB design. What’s more, learning some more EAD software. Only having the thinking of PCB design can you do well in PCB filed.


Your PCB design in PCBGOGO


With over 10 years as an industry leader, PCBGOGO is one of the most experienced PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in China. We possess a professional PCB layout  team with average design experience over 10 years and full experienced of design. They master various EAD softwares such as Allegro, POWER PCB, ORCAD, AUTO CAD and CAM350 etc. They are very familiar with the design standard and technology standard in the local and international market, and also have full experience about the PCB layout and wiring design, power supply design, SI analysis and EMC design. They have the ability to finish the whole design process from drawing the schematic to assembly.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with service@pcbgogo.com, we will be happy to help you. 

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