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Shipping Rates Reduce 27% by DHL
443 1 Jul 04.2023, 17:21:11

PCBGOGO has always been committed to improving the quality of our products and focusing on customer experience, so that our customers can use our quality products and enjoy our excellent service with confidence. Recently we have been negotiating with DHL for almost a month and after our tireless efforts, we have finally finalised our cooperation agreement with a 27% reduction in shipping costs.

We understand that shipping costs are critical when choosing a PCB manufacturer. Therefore, we have worked closely with DHL, a leading global logistics company, to offer you this special offer. With this 27% discount, you can enjoy faster and more reliable delivery of your PCB orders without increasing your budget. Our goal is to ensure our customers get the best quality service at the most competitive price.

Now the discount will be automatically applied to your order when you place your order on the PCBGOGO website and select DHL as your shipping method. Please don't miss out!

This is not only a discount activity, but also a due obligation on our part. We are confident that you will continue to witness our progress and development in the days to come.

Take this opportunity to place your order at PCBGOGO and enjoy the first-class PCB manufacturing and delivery service! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team at service@pcbgogo.com.

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Dec 12.2023, 14:36:31

Thank you for effectively communicating PCBGOGO's commitment to customer satisfaction by highlighting their successful negotiation with DHL to reduce shipping costs by 27%. It clearly explains the benefits of this slope discount to customers and presents it as a special offer. The call to action encourages customers to take advantage of the opportunity and contact customer support with any questions.