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PCBgogo guarantees every PCB board that we manufactured
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As the fast-growing printed circuit board manufacturer in China, PCBgogo insists on offering the biggest benefits to customers, including the best on-time shipping among other PCB companies. 

Each flex PCB/flex-rigid PCB we produced goes through strict testing by the latest inspection machine and our professional QC. You can bank on us because we have printed circuit board industry certifications and you will feel comfortable relying on us for all of your quick-turn, small quantity flex/flex-rigid PCB boards needs. 

From prototyping to assembly, PCBgogo can meet any requirements you have.


Flex/Flex-rigid PCB at PCBgogo certified by ISO 9001, UL and compliant with RoHS & REACH standards. We guarantee that all our flex and flex-rigid PCB meet industry standards and undergo rigorous testing before delivery. Below are the pictures of our certificates:

ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate No.: 19818QK1323R0M)


UL(Certificate No.: E488074) 

REACH SVHC(Report No.: B-R210536610) 

RoHS (Report No.: B-R 210536609)

It is not enough to only having certifications for quality guarantee, PCBgogo 100% provides free E-test to each flex/rigid-flex PCB before shipping. 

E-testing in PCBgogo

E-testing can check out the missing connections on the board, which mainly focus on: 


PCBgogo offers two types of test equipment

1. Flying probe

A flying probe is a machine used for flying probe testing. With the program that is suitable for the PCB layout, the flying probes check the signal one by one. The whole testing time is about 1 to 3 minutes.



  • No need for fixed testing tools

  • Low cost

  • Short delivery time (suitable for PCB prototyping)

2. Bed of nails fixture

Bed of Nails is a specific tool for fixture tests. Each type of PCB has a bed of the nail. This testing method always needs 5 to 10 seconds for one PCB board. Because each type of PCB has its test fixture, this method is not match-able for PCB prototypes.


  • Fast speed

  • More accurate

  • The fix tools are reusable. (suitable for batch production)


PCBgogo pays great attention to high-quality printed circuit boards and the best customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will replace your printed circuit board order, plain and simple!

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