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PCBGOGO Unveils New UV Printing Service
256 0 Apr 12.2024, 10:17:50

With the growing demand for aesthetic appeal in modern PCB manufacturing, PCBgogo has adopted cutting-edge UV printing technology to meet types of customers' design needs. This equipment utilizes UV-curable inks to achieve superior image-quality printing on various materials, including fiberglass boards, metal substrates, ceramic substrates, flexible boards, and rigid-flex boards.

Advantages of UV Printing Technology

● Adopting UV-LED lamp curing, which enables instant drying, can significantly enhance production efficiency.

● UV printing technology employs UV-curable inks, ensuring firm and clear printing information resistant to fading, thus enhancing product identification and aesthetics.

● The normal print survives SMT reflow.

● UV printing technology can present images in various colors and styles, meeting customers' personalized requirements. Professional industrial-grade UV printers support high-precision printing, delivering exquisite results whether on flat panels or rolled materials.

● Unlike traditional printing methods, UV printing does not produce volatile organic compounds during the production process, ensuring air quality in the production workshop and providing employees with a safer and healthier working environment.

Ordering Prerequisites:

● Maximum Single Piece Size: 270*470MM.

● Select Background Solder Mask Color.

Customer PCB (or Gerber Data) Design Specifications

● Drill holes, traces, soldermasks, and outline designs must comply with specifications.

● When designing colored characters, avoid placing them over surface-mount pads and through-hole pads.

● Colored characters can be provided through simulated effect diagrams, without the need to be designed in Gerber files. If designed in Gerber files, they should only be placed on the character layer and annotated with colors.

● Overall effect files of colored boards support the following file formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

We cordially invite you to experience the transformative capabilities of our new UV printing service. PCBGOGO remains committed to advancing our manufacturing capabilities, aiming to offer more options and services to customers.

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