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PCBGOGO New PCB Assembly Factory Tour
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As one of the leading PCB assembly companies, PCBGOGO has provided reliable and efficient quick-turn PCB assembly for over 15 years worldwide. Our turnkey PCB assembly services, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and component sourcing, help many electronic project engineers make prototypes from small batch to mass production.

Come with us and see our new PCB assembly factory!


A Close Look At Our PCB Assembly Line

We firmly believe the best manufacturing, inspection, and testing equipment is the best way to ensure the best quality. PCBGOGO is equipped with high-precision imported equipment, including YAMAHA pick & place machines, reflow ovens, wave soldering, X-Ray, and AOI. Let’s take a close look at the PCB assembly line.

Solder Paste Printing Machine

The solder paste printing machine is used for soldering surface-mount devices. Our workers will place the stencil properly, then the machine will print soldering automatically. It can greatly improve assembly efficiency.

Solder Paste Inspection Machine

Solder paste inspection, also called SPI, is one of the most important parts of the surface mount assembly process. We use SPI to ensure the desired amount of solder paste is without defects.

Latest YAMAHA Pick and Place Machine

The speed, precision, and flexibility of this machine are incomparable. We use the latest YAMAHA pick and place machine to place electronic components automatically. It will boost the accuracy and efficiency of surface mount assembly process and support for placing tiny components.

Reflow Oven Equipment

It is used for surface-mounting electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). It has ten temperate zones and can match diverse assembly needs easily.

Lead-free Wave-soldering Equipment

This environment-friendly machine is a bulk soldering process used for printed circuit board assembly.

PCBGOGO Quality Inspection

We recognize the importance of PCB quality and functionality for our clients. That is why we adhere to a quality-oriented philosophy at every step of the PCB manufacturing and assembly process. Our factory is equipped with high-precision, imported equipment for quality inspection.

AOI Inspection

To ensure the correctness of the PCB assembly process, we will use AOI (automated optical inspection). A camera will autonomously scan the PCB under test for both catastrophic failure and quality defects.

X-ray Equipment

Besides AOI inspection, we have X-ray equipment in the PCB assembly process for more complex PCBs like BGA or multiple-layer PCBs. It can reveal any defects in the solder joints that would not be visible in ordinary optical systems.

QC Inspection

Human eyes also play a role in the inspection process. We won’t discard the quality of PCB production for the achievement of a large production scale or short-run manufacturing. Failed PCB assembly will return to the production line.

For Special Requirements:

IC Programming & Testing and Functional Testing

We use functional testing to make sure the final PCB has no defects and meets specifications, which basically gives a pass or fail verdict on the PCB.

After-sale testing

At our after-sale customer service, we offer the LCR meter, which can test the frequency, voltage, accuracy/speed, and measure parameters of assembled PCB.

Sensitive Component Storage Equipment

For some sensitive components, we store the components carefully and properly. The storage equipment can maintain them in proper condition.

Conformal Coating Machine

We use this machine to protect electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture and or chemical contaminants. It applies a protective chemical coating or polymer film 25-75μm thick (50μm typical) that 'conforms' to the circuit board topology. 

PCBGOGO Assembly Capabilities

Our PCB assembly capabilities include Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Thru-hole, and mixed technology (SMT with Thru-hole) for single-side and double-sided placement. The board type includes flex PCB, rigid PCB, and metal core PCB. From low-volume to mid-volume PCB assembly, we can achieve your goal. View All Assembly Capabilities→

PCBGOGO is your reliable PCB assembly choice

Turnkey: We strive to remove all barriers for our customers. We would assign a professional engineer for one-on-one service. You don’t need to worry about tumultuous procurement work. Our PCB assembly service covers SMD stencil offering, BGA assembly, and components sourcing. 

Reliable: We run our factories, so we have control of production. With over 12 years of worldwide PCB assembly services, we are experienced in PCB assembly. Our factories are fully compliant with the ISO:9001:2015 quality system. You can trust us as a reliable business partner.

Flexible: We know iteration is necessary for the prototyping phase. We don’t have minimum order requirements. Tell us your needs. Our first concern is to provide your PCBA prototype to you on schedule and in complete accordance with our quality and service standards.

Instant: We understand that speed is an essential part of the modern business equation. Our instant quote system calculates the approximate price of your quote immediately, helping estimate your budget. 

Turnkey PCB assembly can save your company time and money on the way to success. We're here to help you get your next big idea off the ground. Contact us today and implement your success.

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