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PCBGOGO Announces Comprehensive Material Upgrade Substrates
341 0 Apr 24.2024, 16:15:21

Dear customers,

PCBGOGO deeply appreciates your enduring trust and support. In response to the growing market demands and our commitment to enhancing product quality, we are pleased to announce that we will upgrade KB6165F TG 150 and KB6167F TG 170 substrates at no extra cost, despite a 10%-30% increase in raw material costs!

Upgrade Details:

1. The existing KB6165F TG150 substrate will be upgraded to the Shengyi S1000H substrate.

2. The existing KB6167F TG170 substrate will be upgraded to the Shengyi S1000-2M substrate.

3. All double-sided and multi-layer FR4 fiberglass panels will also be gradually upgraded in batches.

Parameter Comparison Chart

Key Parameter Comparison between KB6165F and S1000H

Key Parameter Comparison between KB6167F and S1000-2M

Features and Usage Scenarios

S1000H: High Performance/Medium TG/Lead-Free

  • Features

  • Excellent resistance to Conductive Anodic Filamentation (CAF)

  • Lead-free compatible

  • Low water absorption rate

  • Outstanding thermal reliability

  • Superior through-hole reliability

  • Usage Scenarios: Instrumentation, Computers and NBs, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Power Supplies and Industrial

S1000-2M: High TG/High Performance/Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient

  • Features

  • Excellent resistance to CAF

  • Lead-free compatible

  • Outstanding thermal reliability

  • Superior through-hole reliability

  • Excellent mechanical processing capabilities

  • Usage Scenarios: Usage Scenarios: Instrumentation, Computer and NB, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Power and Industrial

Why Choose Shengyi

Selecting Shengyi Technology's materials reflects our dedication to quality and our responsibility to our customers. Shengyi's global ranking and brand advantage, coupled with the widespread application of its products across various industries, attest to the superior performance and reliability of its materials. We believe that by utilizing Shengyi's high-performance materials, PCBGOGO's substrates will deliver greater value to our clients and contribute to the advancement of the electronics industry.

Outstanding Advantages of Shengyi Material

- Superior CAF Resistance: Shengyi substrates offer excellent resistance to CAF, significantly enhancing the long-term reliability of circuit boards.

- Lead-Free Compatibility: Adapts to lead-free soldering processes, meeting environmental standards while maintaining high-quality welding.

- High Thermal Resistance: Maintains stability under high temperatures, ensuring circuit board performance under extreme conditions.

- Through-Hole Reliability: Superior through-hole design strengthens the overall performance and durability of the circuit board.

- Mechanical Processing Capabilities: Easy to process, improving production efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards.

- Low Water Absorption Rate: Maintains performance stability in humid environments, extending the service life of the circuit board.

Free Substrate Upgrade Details

Rest assured, this substrate upgrade will not affect the PCB's performance, specifications, and pricing. We have made thorough preparations to ensure a smooth transition, with no impact on production. PCBGOGO remains dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and services, ensuring the seamless continuation of your manufacturing processes.

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