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Free Charge for Multiple Color Solder Mask in PCBGOGO

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  • Monday, 26 February 2018

Free Charge for Multiple Color Solder Mask in PCBGOGO

Solder mask or solder stop mask or solder resist is a thin lacquer-like layer of polymer that is usually applied to the copper traces of a printed circuit board (PCB) for protection against oxidation and to prevent solder bridges from forming between closely spaced solder pads. A solder bridge is an unintended electrical connection between two conductors by means of a small blob of solder. PCBs use solder masks to prevent this from happening. Solder mask is not always used for hand soldered assemblies, but is essential for mass-produced boards that are soldered automatically using reflow or solder bath techniques. Once applied, openings must be made in the solder mask wherever components are soldered, which is accomplished using photo lithography. Solder mask is traditionally green but is now available in many colors.

There many different colors solder mask in PCBGOGO which are green, black, yellow, red, white, purple, blue etc. Except green color, the other color solder mask will need extra fee in other company. But it is free charge in PCBGOGO for PCB prototype orders. Further more, it is very fast for multiple color PCB fabrications in its factory. Nowadays, there are many company like JLC, etc offer the PCB at 2USD, but it is only for green color. If you order other colors at their factory, it is very expensive. 2USD also is a promotion price. So if you need long time and good cooperation partner, PCBGOGO is a good choice.  

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