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Keep ingenuity, PCB manufacturing high-quality in pcbgogo
  • Apr 04.2018, 11:13:32
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       SHENZHEN pcbgogo  Technology co.LTD is proficient in PCB Prototype proofing and middle and small volume PCB manufacturing industry.  pcbgogo company is perfect since setting up. As we all know, manufacture quality is vital for a factory, depending on a enterprise whether survives and has a foothold or not .In terms of PCB manufacture,the quality has an influence on circuit material, production apparatus and technology

     pcbgogo take a good measure, aimed at the above factor for the customer’s benefit and PCB manufacture quality

First of all, pcbgogo makes full use of the base material with top quality in PCB material. A good base material could avoid blistering, cracking, delamination, warp and unshapely thickness and so on. Ensuring the circuit of PCB manufacture leading in stability,druability and safety Secondly, pcbgogo constantly purchase advanced apparatus in PCB production. pcbgogo knows clearly the developing trend of industry equipment and introduction of advanced equipment in upgrading , making a leading in response of PCB proofing and solving the problem rapidly for customers. Thirdly,in manufacturing technology of PCB, pcbgogo takes a strict measure with procedure in the production process, it is up to standard regardless of plating , chemical industry, machine and taking a good detection in the every process to ensure circuit’s quality Besides, pcbgogo actively explore the project in the quality control of PCB manufacturing process,  pcbgogo still try its best at present, for example,  electronic time of 70 minutes , backlight test after copper plated , section analysis after etching, AOI, high speed flying probe test , solder mask by LED exposing, word printing of high precision and so on.

    pcbgogo made a great performance in the quality control of PCB production by the above intersecting use. PCB production of pcbgogo does well in copper thickness , adhesive force, FPY of circuit, board’s yield, character clarify, precision and so on

      At present, the high quality of PCB production in  pcbgogo is widely accepted in the whole PCB industry. On 14th,November 2017, CCTV Hearts and Craftscame to   our company, which had a comprehensive interview with our president WangYao with regard to enterprise background, manufacturing quality, technology strength and expectation

     We are proud of being accepted by CCTV, Mr.Wang expressed that we would continue to keep ingenuity and made a contribution to PCB industry. pcbgogo will devote to R&D costpromoting the level of equipment and technological with great product and service for customers in the future

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