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How did we celebrate PCBGOGO 3rd anniversary?
  • Jul 17.2018, 09:11:50
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How old is PCBGOGO?

With the time goes by, PCBGOGO is three years old. And during these three years, there are a lot of people witnessed and companyed PCBGOGO’s growth, so we are genuinely appreciative of your supports. Luckily, PCBGOGO lives up to the expectations of customers, and PCBGOGO is having a great boom in PCB industry.


Ways to celebrate PCBGOGO 3rd anniversary

To celebrate PCBGOGO 3rd anniversary, and there is an activity from 13th July to 15th July, especially in 15th, we were gathered together, and spent time in outdoor activity of Long March to PCBGOGO manufacturer. It can’t be denied that this activity gains the positive response and supports of everyone, what’s more, the celebration passed off successfully.

In fact, when we were prepared for this activity, but something unexpected may happen any time, bad weather is coming, you can’t imagine that it is difficult for us to keep on going, also the manufacturer of PCBGOGO is far away from our offices, which it’s more than 10  kilometres. But we kept going, rain or shine, and overcame all the obstacles. Just as a saying goes: no cross, no crown. Luckily, we succeeded in getting to the manufacturer. there were unexpected factors during this activity, such as trouble, failure, happiness, and so on, but we learned every PCB fabrication, visited PCB manufacturing machine how to work, so we had a good understanding of PCB fabrication, and explored our way of PCB prototype and assembly.

Nobody is perfect but a team can be

“Nobody is perfect but a team can be”, our coo Eric Wu says, there is no doubt that we are a team, we won’t operate well if a lack of the parts. On one thing, inspiring an infectious enthusiasm for everything, improving the interest and initiative for learning. On the other thing, it can be seen that when life gets hard and everyone never give up. In a word, PCBGOGO will be more and more better. And get the best in the finally.















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