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the software of PCB assembly
867 1 Nov 22.2019, 17:52:03

I thought some time ago someone mentioned on here some software to aid in hand assembling prototypes, but I can't seem to find the post/reply.
I'm looking for something that I can use instead of basic assembly drawings.  I've got some large boards with >300 0402 parts to place, and it's a right PITA just following paper assembly drawings.
Ideally I'm after something that can import something Altium can put out, then step through each BOM line showing where all of that component type should be placed.  So for example I can go through the board and place all the one hundred odd 100nf caps in one go.
Seems like the sort of thing there should already be something out there for?  Happy to pay for it, doesn't need to be free.

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Nov 28.2019, 09:11:04

It's not exactly what you asking, but what I do:
Open PCB file and SCH. If you select component in the SCH, it will highlight it on PCB file. You can do "find similar" with same value, and it will highlight all 100 nF's for example. Won't work if you don't have a PC in assembly place.

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