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' Standardized' resistors and capacitors for assembly
850 1 Nov 15.2019, 18:03:15

Subject is actually a little misleading, as it's really about cleaning up my altium library and being a bit more selective in buying prototype parts, so I can think & design for manufacture - even if it's just a prototype.
Objective is to either have a part ready, or find out which (good and sensible) part to use quickly  and in a deterministic fashion.
I think I got resistors figured out:

· Only 1% parts - price difference is negligible, so no need to stock or keep track of the 5% variants

· 0603 Yageo 1/10W RC series general purpose

· If possible, use a values available in the 5% equivalent part

For capacitors, the number of products available is a lot bigger and my own experience smaller.  I'm talking MLCC up to 10uf for low voltage/digital stuff.
Current idea is to go with MuRata GRM series, 50V, C0G/X7R, 0603  up to 0.1UF.  But you also have different percentages etc, so for me it's not as clear-cut as the resistors + I'm really unsure on what's currenly sensible parts for capacitance 0.1uF..

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Nov 21.2019, 11:18:27

For resistors, 0603 1% parts are definitely a good choice. They cost roughly nothing and are a good compromise between manual handling and board space.
As for caps: it depends. If you are only doing digital designs and use the caps only for blocking purposes or for the input stage of some ADC, 20% X7R is just fine. If you are into the analog world and are designing filters, C0G with low tolerances are a must.

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