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Wifi module assembly with pcb
856 1 Nov 07.2019, 17:31:46

I am running into a problem: i have a pcb ready to be prototyped. But I need a certified (FCC, CE) wifi module because I don't have the cash and the volume to justify a full pcb certification (volume 5000 max for the first wave and we are talking of a $30 device here).
Now, do someone has a tip on the best and fastest way to connect very quickly the module to the main pcb, without spending a life into it?
Is the only option a pin header and manual solder (5000 devices)? 
How did you manage this?

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Nov 15.2019, 18:07:02

you asked for the fastest not the cheapest. 
It would not be a manual process you would treat it like having a qfp package mounted, you buy them in trays, the pick and place machine grabs it by the metal can, places it and it gets reflowed with the rest of the board. They would charge you something to deal with trays instead of reels, (you may be able to find in reels),
Component wise is just going to come down to what costs less. the FCC cert or the component price, from what i have heard i believe it would be the components

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