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The question about PCB stencil, hand assembly
668 1 Feb 25.2020, 22:40:34

I have made some boards recently and was a little dismayed at the amount of extra solder i managed to get on TQFP parts and the bridging I ended up with. I am also due to redo a design with VQFN on it where much trouble has had on the first version.
So other than picking the thinnest stencil, how can I try to correct my over pasting in prototyping without affecting manufacturing? I can obviously pick the thinnest stencil available which is usually 100μm versus the usual 120-127μm but that does not take much off.
For example the 64 pin 7x7mm TQFP in Kicad has stencil apertures the same size as the pad. I thought usually some clearance was given? what i can do is to use the back solder past layer to set custom hand assembly apertures.

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Feb 26.2020, 09:36:19

In the board setup you can globally set the solder paste clearance and ratio to make the stencil opening different from the pads

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