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Reflow oven for home use
1110 1 Jan 06.2020, 18:44:37

I'm intending to build a few surface mount prototypes. Now because my boards have become four layer and 2 ounce thick copper I'm thinking that hot air blowing is not quite going to cut it. I also may end up making a few boards for small productions. So perhaps it's time to think of an oven?
I know people make these from toaster ovens but then I thought I wonder what eBay has to offer. Well on eBay you can buy a small reflow oven at under £200, should I be suspicious? I'd rather just pay my money and get a product which hopefully works than spend hours dicking about with a toaster oven trying to convert it into something else. Has anybody else used any of these cheap ovens and have any experience to share?

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Jan 15.2020, 10:11:53

There is an upgrade for the oven that retains the stock controller, simply adding another I2C temperature sensor and new firmware for the on board controller.

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