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Power rail for DAC - PCB layout
1447 1 Mar 15.2020, 01:42:51

I'm trying as my hobby project to design USB DAC so far I'm okay with my PCB layout except for one thing and that is 3V3 rail for CS4398.
As you can see in an attached picture it's going all around PCB.
1. Should I be worried about it? Not sure how digital power rail is important for DAC.

2. If yes what would be the best solution, to break my ground plane more and route it directly, or maybe to put another LDO next to the IC?

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Mar 18.2020, 14:43:59

4 layer PCB, Layer 1 signal, Layer 2 ground, Layer 3 power, Layer 4 signal. 4 layer boards are not that expensive.

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