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PCB design for 40 Amps
1347 1 Feb 29.2020, 23:19:30

Hello People I want to make a dc/dc converter with specs given as follows:
Vin=30V to 42 V
So, Input current will go to 40A.
So, I wanted to design a PCB for the same. But I have some basic doubts.

Will PCB support such high current, or is it reasonable to give such high track width. 

Other doubt is how to place heat sink, transformer, fan(for heat sink) and input inductor, optimally so that to avoid stray inductances. Also I have to avoid use of wires as far as possible for the same reason.
Also, please help me choose the heat sink

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Mar 10.2020, 16:20:21

Your Companies that make PCBs have online calculators to give trace width and temperature rise.
You can run copper on 2 or 4 layers to get the resistance down.

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