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Inexpensive 4 Layer PCBs with Thicker Copper Layers?
491 1 Jan 10.2020, 18:15:31

I am considering using four layer PCBs as bus bar interconnects for a multi-level inverter.  Most of the relatively low cost 4 layer PCBs for prototyping quantities seem to only offer 0.5 or 1 oz copper layers?  With this copper thickness it is really difficult to keep the trace width to a reasonable value that can be routed.  Any ideas of prototype volume PCB manufacturers which will do thicker copper layers for cheap?

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Jan 15.2020, 10:27:25

Any nonstandard options are not going to be available on a prototype  pooling service, so you will be paying all the tooling cost for your panel, so cost for a proto is going to be at least an order of magnitude more than a pooled service.

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