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How about making PCBs with Press n Peel film
980 1 Feb 27.2020, 00:06:45

I have successively used Press n peel to make at least 2 double-sided PCBs several years ago.
But over the last few days, I have been trying to do another PCB, but no success & don't know why it is not working.

I followed the Press n Peel instructions.
i.e. I rubbed the bare copper with steel wool, then washed it with soap & water, then washed the soap off and dried it with a lint free cloth.
But after much ironing, only a few slight traces of tracks were visible.
I also used a procedure I found on an electronics forum which is essentially the same but it uses isopropyl alcohol rather than soap & water. The result was slightly better, but certainly not adequate.
I really don't know why it worked previously but not this time. I used the same HP Laser printer.
I also heard that the PCBs can be made by simply printing the image of paper rather than the P n P film. But apparently it takes a lot of work to remove the paper. However, if it works, I will do it that way.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Mar 10.2020, 16:11:39

Try using scotchbrite (eg. nylon pan scourer) rather than steel wool - that may be roughening the surface of the copper too much?
Also try kitchen towel for drying, in case the cloth has some residue such as fabric conditioner.
Be careful not to touch the copper surface at all after cleaning it, just a fingerprint can make a mess of a degreased surface.

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