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Did I find the cheapest PCB manufacturer?
535 1 Dec 11.2019, 18:06:20

Hi everyone,
I want to start off by saying I don't want to say where I got the PCBs because I don't want people to think this is spam.
So it was my first time getting PCBs manufactured, I found a Chinese manufacturer, they charged $7 USD for 10 boards 10*10cm FR4 1.6mm with 1oz copper, white silkscreen one side and green solder mask, HASL with lead.
Is this a good deal?
Should I be sharing where I bought them or not?
Here are some pictures, for the price, I am really surprised 

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Dec 12.2019, 19:01:32

Hello maybe PCBGOGO can help you. Only $5 for 10pcs PCBs 10*10cm FR4 1.6mm with 1oz copper in PCBGOGO, even if the price is not cheap, quality and service will be best.

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